5 Reasons Single-Company PCB Management Is Best

Posted 8/31/2016 by AdvancedPCB
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There are a great deal of reasons why one would decide to go with a single-company manager for all of their PCB management needs. The following are five of the biggest reasons that a business should choose a single-company PCB management team for all of their PCB needs.

Quality Assurance

When it comes to designing, fabricating, shipping, and supporting businesses, there are a large amount of companies that specialize in just one area of the entire project. Because of this, there is little to no accountability or quality control on the part of those companies.

The design company may make a perfect design that the fabricators botch. A great PCB may be created, but shipped improperly, damaging the PCB. The support team may have little to no clue how to help because they don’t know the specifics of each business’ PCBs. Furthermore, with more shipping between companies, there is more of a chance for items to be damaged in transit.

With a single-company PCB management team, businesses can go forward with confidence, knowing that the PCBs are created from the ground up, shipped, and supported by the same team that knows every facet of the PCBs that they manufacture and deliver.

Better Control at Every Step

With a single-company PCB management solution, the buyer is able to be in control at every step in the process. The business is able to see the product from start to finish, allowing each step to be meticulously thought of and created in collaboration with the PCB designers and manufacturers.

With a single-company PCB, businesses will never miss a beat.

On the other hand, with multi-company PCB design, fabrication, shipping, and support teams, the business may be out of control as the entire process is played like a game of telephone. Mistakes can easily be made at each level and it will likely be necessary for the business to repeat their needs and wants several times throughout the process because of the simple fact that there are so many hands on the project.

Single-company PCB solutions simply don’t have that problem. From one end to the other, businesses are able to control how their PCBs are created, from inception to reception.

One Point of Contact for Every Concern

With multi-company PCB processes there are as many points of contact as there are companies that touch the product. This means that at any given moment, the PCB may be in different hands and at a different stage in the process by the time the business realizes they need an addition or subtraction.

What’s more, when the product is done and delivered, the business may not know exactly who to contact for support. Figuring out solutions to these problems takes time and money, delaying the release or shipment of valuable products to consumers.

When a single-company PCB solution is taken advantage of, there is one point of contact for the business. This means that any situation can be solved with one simple phone call to one company, rather than several calls to several companies, risking a loss in translation between the two separate companies. With a single-company solution, businesses will know that their needs are being heard and no accidental misinformation will be spread between two companies attempting to collaborate.

Faster Turnaround

When it comes to turnaround time, a single-company PCB process solution simply can’t be beat. With multiple companies touching a business’ PCB project, there will likely be information that needs to be relayed multiple times, shipping times between companies, and large amounts of time where the business’ project is not being worked on for one reason or another.

Single-company solutions don’t work like that. Every piece of the PCB project is taken care of under the same roof, saving time on information dispersal as well as shipping from place to place. This means that the business’ product will be more efficiently completed and quickly delivered, saving time and money, allowing products to be released and shipped to customers immediately.

Control Costs

Multi-company PCB processes cause businesses to be billed several times for the same project. Because each company is working to make a profit, the business is loaded with the burden of the profits of every individual company. This can be a massive hassle for any business trying to control their budget.

With a single-company PCB solution, the business only has to worry about one bill, rather than multiple bills from disparate companies. This is a great advantage for many businesses as they are able to have the same project completed for a fraction of the price.

As we’ve seen here, a single source for all of your printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly needs provides advantages – time, cost and additional resource savings. When you order printed circuit boards from AdvancedPCB, every effort is made to ensure your boards are manufactured to your exact specifications. We offer industry-leading free PCB design software and a file check tool to give you the best opportunity to correct errors before manufacturing begins. AdvancedPCB also offers access to engineers, 24/7, who can answer your questions and help ensure that your order is handled capably and expeditiously. We provide the fastest turnaround time in the industry, including Quick Turn and Weekend Turns.

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