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Transform your innovation into reality™

Design Services

Ensure your design is ready for manufacturing.

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  • Dense High-Speed Digital
  • RF and Rigid Flex
  • HDI - High Density Interconnect
  • Signal/Power Integrity Design

Standard PCBs

Quick-turn prototypes to full feature fabrication.

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  • 0 - 10 Layer
  • Same Day - 5 Day TUrn Time
  • 1 - 1000+ Quantity
  • FR-4 Material

Flex & Rigid Flex

Quick-turn production for Rigid-Flex products.

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  • Standard Flex: 1-6 Layers
  • Rigid Flex: 4-22 Layers
  • Rigid Flex HDI Lam Cycles: Up to 4X

Advanced PCBs

Complex PCB fabrication for the most rigorous requirements

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  • 0 - 40 Layers
  • Same Day - 4 Week Turn Time
  • 1 - 1000+ Quantity
  • Custom Materials (View All)

Global Services

Domestic manufacturing infrastructure and quality inspection for faster time to market.

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  • Seamless Recipe Transfer
  • DFM Support
  • Stack-ups
  • Material Selection

DFM Services

Cost efficient, highly reliable design.

DFM Services Quote
  • Manufacturing 
  • Panel utilization and array drawings
  • Design review and analysis 
  • Impedance calculation and more 

Defense & Aerospace

Solutions for Defense and Aerospace industries.

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  • Proven reliability
  • Sustained results
  • Ability to scale
  • Consistency

AdvancedPCB Assembly™

Simple to advanced PCB assembly in the USA.

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  • Turnkey/Kitted/Partial Fulfillment
  • Same Day - 4 Week Turn Time
  • No Minimum Volume
  • Leader/RoHS/No-Clean Solder


Enter your specs and compare our turn times and cost options

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  • Quick PCB quote
  • Quick assembly quote
  • Stencil ordering
  • Refund policies

Turn Times

Manufacture your board in days rather than weeks

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  • Standard lead times
  • Quick-turn availability
  • Terms and conditions
  • Business hours


Find answers to frequently asked questions

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  • Acceptable payment methods
  • How to set up my accounts
  • Quality controls
  • ITAR compliance

Why Choose Us?

Delivering quality boards with fast cycle times

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  • Testimonials
  • Quality assurance
  • Certifications
  • Quick turn-times

Inventory Management

Buying leverage, rapid ramp, and scale flexibility.

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  • Transactional purchase order
  • VMI & Kan Ban options
  • Cradle to completion
  • Global applications

Risk Mitigation

Critical risk mitigation systems to guarantee peace of mind.

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  • In-Country Manufacturing Resources
  • Quality Inspections
  • Asian Program Management
  • Diversified Sources

Regional Procurement

Buying leverage, rapid ramp, and scale flexibility.

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  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • India
  • China

Global Services

Complete coordinate through offshore partnerships.

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  • Ease of use
  • Seamless recipe transfer
  • Program management from pcb experts
  • Custom Program Management

Cutting-Edge Printed Circuit Boards for Every Industry

Aerospace Engineering

Defense & Aerospace

A legacy of providing product to Defense & Aerospace companies which call for stringent certs and high reliability.
Defense & Aerospace
Industrial Automotive

Industrial & Automotive

We offer a full suite of automotive and industrial solutions, including Rigid, Flex, & Rigid Flex PCBs.
Industrial & Automotive
CT Scan

Medical & Consumer

Advanced PCB offers the most advanced technology to support the medical industry.
Medical & Consumer
Satellite Dish for Communication

Telecommunications & Mobility

All our factories are equipped with the latest resources to support the telecommunications industry. Our quick turn capabilities assist with new product introductions.
Telecommunications & Mobility
Data Center

Computing, Networking & Storage

We can keep up the pace with the massive growth in the cloud computing and networking industries with our meticulous engineering team and advance technology capabilities.
Computing, Networking & Storage

Tools to Get You Started


Trace Width Calculator

Trace Width Calculator

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Quick Quote

PCB Artist Software

PCB Artist Software
DFM Filecheck

Free DFM Filecheck

Free DFM Filecheck

The AdvancedPCB Advantage

Student Program

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Ask an Expert

Rely on AdvancedPCB's team of industry experts for current trends, customized support, and cutting-edge knowledge for all of your projects. From standard to complex, we're here for you.
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2 layers

$33 Each

Quick-Turn 2 Layer PCBs

Up to 60 square inches with 1oz. Cu and lead-free finish.
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Weekend Wonders

Quick Turn PCBs

Submit your order on Friday (Multilayer by Noon and 2-layer designs by 3:00 pm. MST) and have boards delivered on Monday morning!
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4 layers

$66 Each

Low Cost 4 Layer PCBs

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Bare Bones

Ultra-Low Cost 2 Layer PCBs

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AdvancedPCB is dedicated to providing the highest quality products for your project needs. By adhering to a variety of industry certifications, we ensure world-class products and services for you, our partners.
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