AdvancedPCB are the architects of the future, blending trust with innovation. Driven by our passion for excellence, we see endless possibilities and empower imagination to drive progress. As dedicated partners, we inspire confidence, turning challenges into opportunities to create technology to enhance the world.

    With this latest acquisition, AdvancedPCB will evolve into the most comprehensive provider of PCBs in the country. As the result of a fusion of capabilities and opportunities, we will offer a competitive product for applications both large and small, and every interaction will be infused with our core belief that customer centricity is key.

    AdvancedPCB is an industry leader with a global supply chain network. With facilities across the world and throughout the United States and over 390,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space, we maintain an environment of continuous improvement and quality. With our 900+ employees, we exceed the standards established by various independent organizations, including the ISO, UL, and IPC. 

    APCB Global Map

    The AdvancedPCB Advantage

    • AdvancedPCB can manufacture a broad range of technologies. From rigid through-hole, advanced HDI, and flex & rigid flex, we can do it all. 
    • AdvancedPCB exceeds industry standards for delivery and offers expedited lead times. 
    • AdvancedPCB offers free, comprehensive engineering support, saving you time and money. 
    • AdvancedPCB’s offshore solutions are managed by our global team from start to finish, assuring quality at every step of the process. 

    Ten Reasons to Choose AdvancedPCB

    Quick turn service is a specialty. Excellent customer service and reliability, extensive resources to help customers with PCB projects. Make your life easier with printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly capability.

    1. Reliable PCB manufacturing and assembly. Over 200 new customers per month from referrals from satisfied customers. 
    2. Quality PCB Fabrication. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility offers consistency. All orders receive a free engineering file review.  
    3. Best on time PCB shipping record (50% ship early!) 
    4. We’re not going anywhere. 
    5. 24 hour support. You can always reach a live person–CAM engineer anytime of day. 
    6. PCB Instant Quoting. Order, reorder, upload files, check status 24 hours per day. 
    7. Easy PCB order status tracking. View a personalized listing of previous quotes and orders, print invoices, etc. 
    8. No minimum PCB order requirements. Don’t ever buy more than what you need. 
    9. Waived tooling charges. We don’t charge tooling with our standard specs, and we’ll waive tooling if you reorder standard spec as a custom spec order. 
    10. Free PCB design software and free file check. Top-rated by users, more features than the competition,  and access to the largest component library. 

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