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    APCT, ACI, and San Diego PCB Design have rebranded to AdvancedPCB. Though our name has changed, our commitment to our customers will not. With this latest acquisition, AdvancedPCB will evolve into the most comprehensive provider of PCBs in the country. As the result of a fusion of capabilities and opportunities, we will offer a competitive product for applications both large and small, and every interaction will be infused with our core belief that customer centricity is key.

    The PCB and Chip industries are vitally important to the United States. A large percentage of semiconductor production happens offshore, which challenges our strategic capabilities as a nation. It’s imperative that the industry shift power and production back onshore, but smaller organizations have been struggling to keep up with technology – and cost – which ultimately led to the consolidation of numerous organizations.

    With over 40 years of industry experience, AdvancedPCB is poised to lead the industry with a high-level focus on customer centricity and the unique ability to meet the demands of any PCB need, be it simple or highly complex. However, the need for greater domestic manufacturing and associated investment in this sector is a problem we all share and must band together to address. This rebrand will provide a window of opportunity for us to broaden the conversation and awareness of the important place we hold across industries and is a chance for us to work together to boldly redefine technology and drive our nation - and the global community - towards a brighter, more sustainable and interconnected world.

    Today, more than 40 years after its founding, AdvancedPCB is the nation’s leader in printed circuit board solutions, offering full-scale design, fabrication, and assembly in-house consistently faster than the industry standard. We take pride in offering full-service solutions that meet the unique demands of any PCB customer need, while providing best-in-class customer service at every touchpoint.

    Our People 

    More than state-of-the-art equipment and technical capabilities, the "secret" of AdvancedPCB is its people and our emphasis on customer care and service. Passionate and committed, our employees promote a corporate culture that embodies our dedication to continuous improvement, best-in-class service, and detailed engineering support to deliver customer satisfaction. This focus begins with our CEO and senior management, and extends to the last person that touches an order. 

    By fostering an environment of innovation and service through teamwork and a positive attitude, we build trust with each other, which solidifies our dependability and builds your certainty in us. Together, we strive to uphold our values of accuracy, commitment to schedule, knowledge, and quality.

    As a customer-centric organization, we are setting a new industry standard. Functioning as a B2C company, our customer relationships are unlike any competitor or industry player. Not only do we handle production, but provide a personalized, concierge service with an emphasis on hospitality.

    Through establishing, prioritizing, and maintaining that customer relationship, our company and brand become more than the product itself. We offer a tangible relationship that fosters trust, translating into long-term, meaningful partnerships that promote and sustain longevity in the business. 

    Our Promise

    We know that the industry is ever-changing, and we strive to stay on top of the latest technologies. We want to say yes to technology and lead time, and offer new systems to support faster builds in all technology categories. 

    We’re also committed to continuous learning. By participating in industry association and supplier-drive seminars on best practices and design rules, we provide our customers with designs that reflect the latest industry trends in Design for Manufacturability, Assembly, and Test. 

    With designers available at your convenience, including for offsite meetings, AdvancedPCB seeks to be a virtual CAD department, utilizing emerging technologies and leveraging error-free data for simple and complicated designs. 

    By providing customers a direct link between design and fabrication, we offer technologies at every level, standard to advanced. Domestically produced quickly in prototype form or mid to full-ramp production, we’ll even create and manage an entire offshore program.

    AdvancedPCB pledges to offer customers of all sizes, across all industries and verticals, the best aspects of our business - customization, white glove service, and expedited production times, providing exceptional customer service and a seamless, end-to-end manufacturing and design process that meets customer needs.

    We vow to exceed expectations on production quality, speed, and capability. Whether a board requires two layers or 40, powering a consumer medical device or a fighter jet, AdvancedPCB is the best partner for the job.

    Let us transform imagination and innovation into reality for a more enriched world.

    We strive to say yes.

    We offer personalized, professional service whether you are local, regional, or international, and we’re relentless in our efforts to eliminate obstacles of design, price, or delivery. 

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    I have been using Advanced Circuits for years. I mainly used it in my previous job with Boeing on Maui. One of my coworkers there turned me on to your services. One of the big advantages to us was the free checks before we sent the boards for fab. This is still true as a major benefit. My two boards I just sent for fab had global issues with the soldermask and silk screen. I wouldn't have found the issues without your DFM tool.
    Absolutely unbelievable. Phenomenal. What else can I say? Our 2-day order ships in one day, and the 5-day ships in 2! The boards look excellent. In almost 30 years in this business, I've never seen anything like your service. You just obsoleted the phrase "expedited delivery" - this is more like "instant delivery". Everyone in the PCB business had better look at what Advanced Circuits is doing, or they won't be in business! However, it may not be such a good idea to spoil new customers like this, as we may come to expect the impossible. This is the kind of dramatic change that FedEx did with small package shipping. From the easy-to-use quoting and ordering process, to elimination of the tooling charge, to no sacrifice of quality, and your lightning-fast delivery, I'm actually looking forward to having to fab our next PCB design. Never thought I'd be saying that before I retire! Thanks very much, and wishing you and Advanced Circuits much success…
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