Free PCB Design Software Makes a Big Difference in the Quality of Your Designs

Posted 9/11/2020 by AdvancedPCB
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Anyone who is working in the field of creating circuits wants to create the best quality designs possible. This is true whether you are making circuits as part of your job or as a hobbyist. Of course, as anyone who has been in the field knows, it’s not always an easy task. When you are first coming up with the idea for your printed circuit board, you want to work quickly while ensuring that your idea will work. Designing the PCB is not always as straightforward as you might hope, so having the right tools will help, and this includes software.

Fortunately, there are good options for free PCB design software you can start using. At AdvancedPCB, we provide what we believe to be one of the very best options, and it will not cost you a thing. Let’s take a closer look at the importance of using the right software.

PCB Artist Design Software – Free and Fully Functional

Today, creating and designing printed circuit boards is easier than it has been at any time in the past. One of the big game changers in this area was the creation of design software geared toward printed circuit boards. Quality software can make the process faster because it is possible to look for and find potential mistakes before making a prototype or going into production. It can save time and money.

However, if the software being used is not high quality, it could end up causing problems. Poor software is one of the reasons that some PCB designers still struggle at the design stage. Some of the free PCB design software options that are available are woefully lacking in terms of features and capabilities. Other types of software are very expensive, and not everyone is capable of paying for a pricey piece of software that they might not use very often.

It does not have to be that way. We have an option called PCB Artist. This free PCB design software is a fully-featured option that is sure to please even the most critical designer. The design software has features that are not found even in expensive options on the market today. It is considered professional-grade software and offers free, live technical support. The software includes many features that help to make the design of the PCBs faster and simpler.

Some of the Features of the Free PCB Design Software

The robust library is one of the draws of the software. The library for PCB Artist has more than half a million parts. In addition, you can create up to 28 layers. The software features Gerber format files, and there is a design rule check and report. You can spot errors and correct them before you try to make a prototype of your PCB, which means you will not be wasting your time and money with designs that are not going to work.

The software has a controlled autorouter, component autoplace, individual colored nets options, ratsnest connections optimization, multipage schematics, and a host of other features that help to make it a standout option among the software choices that are available today. When you take the time to compare this software with both free and paid CAD software options on the market, you will see that PCB Artist is head and shoulders above the competition.

One of the best things about this free PCB design software is the fact that it is intuitive and easy to use. While those who have experience in designing printed circuit boards and using other software will not have any trouble, neither will someone who is still learning. It has an easy-to-understand interface. You should be up and running with the system quickly.

In addition, there is a user’s guide that is available for download, tips and tools, and video tutorials. These help to answer questions that people might have about the software and get everyone up to speed. The live tech support is available by email or phone.

You will not need to have a powerful PC to run the software. As long as you have a Pentium processor that is faster than 1.8Ghz and 512MB of RAM, you should be fine. Keep in mind that you will need to have at least 1.26GB of space on your hard drive for the install, but this should not be an issue with most. However, you will want to keep in mind that Linux and MAC OS are not supported at this time.

Creating the PCBs After Designing Them

After you have gone through the process of designing the PCBs and running them through virtual tests to ensure they work, you will want to create a prototype or a production run. Getting a prototype is often a good idea, as it will allow you to see how the PCB works in practice, and you can make any needed changes before going into production.

Once you are certain it is ready, it is time to place your order. AdvancedPCB has decades of experience in this field and is one of the largest manufacturers of PCBs in the United States. The materials used in the construction of the PCBs are always of the highest quality, and you can expect the same quality in the construction of the boards. All of the files for PCBs we make will receive a free engineering file review. This provides you with an additional check to ensure that your circuit boards are ready.

Save Time and Money with Free PCB Design Software

When you choose the software from AdvancedPCB, you will find that you are saving not only on the cost of the software but also saving on wasted time. For those who are using low-quality pieces of software or who do not have software that allows for comprehensive testing, it means mistakes are likely. Those mistakes will cost time and money that most people do not have today. Instead, start using our free PCB design software to get your printed circuit boards ready, so you can have them manufactured.

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