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Posted 8/1/2014 by AdvancedPCB
printed circuit board energy
printed circuit board energy

According to an article published by Technology Review, electronic items in U.S. homes are estimated to have used 12 percent less energy in 2013 than they did in 2010. This is significant because during the same time frame nearly a billion more devices were sold on the market. The reduction in energy consumption signals a change in both how products are designed and how consumers behave when it comes to purchasing new devices around the house. Printed circuit boards are designed to require less energy in order to power high performance components. Televisions, computers and household appliances are increasingly optimized to perform at high levels without the need for more energy use.  As a result, Americans are able to conserve valuable resources and reduce the subsequent impact on the environment.

Printed Circuit Board Design Affects Power Efficiency

The increase in efficiency in electronics would not be possible without significant improvements in the design and manufacturing of printed circuit boards. New processes to streamline PCB production and improved materials allow engineers to design boards that meet a very strict and specific set of standards. This way, they are able to remain compliant with industry regulations and produce PCBs that support a wider range of features and capabilities. Aerospace and defense industry contractors, for example, can use improved PCBs to produce higher quality products and win more business.

As one of the few DoD Cleared board manufacturers in the US., AdvancedPCB is uniquely qualified to offer its views on this subject. The defense industry in particular, has specialized needs for advanced printed circuit boards for its guidance and weaponry systems. The DoD needs to be able to acquire these high performance PCBs at low cost. A road map that discusses the Future Needs of Printed Boards in Department of Defense Electronics Identified by the North American Electronic Interconnect Industry explains this current and ongoing need.

AdvancedPCB manufactures and assembles printed circuit boards for a number of aerospace and defense customers who depend on our capabilities to provide them with the highest quality PCBs for their applications.

Improved design software helps designers maximize power usage efficiency so that waste is reduced as well. You can learn more about improving your PCBs and submit your next order by contacting an engineer at AdvancedPCB.

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