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    Below are just some of our capability specifications

    AdvancedPCB Capabilities

    Full range of PCB manufacturing and assembly services from AdvancedPCB to fit all of your printed circuit board needs

    We are a one-stop printed circuit board manufacturer and quick turn PCB assembly solution. Offering some of the most advanced PCB technology and convenient manufacturing and assembly services found in the industry: Full Spec PCBs, Small Quantity - Quick Turn PCBs, Custom Spec - Quick Turn PCBs, Highly Specialized Precision PCBs, & Large-Scale Production (No order is too small or too large).

    A Premier Provider of Printed Circuit Boards to Government, Aerospace, Medical and Commercial Programs

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    AdvancedPCB is one of the few PCB suppliers that is able to manufacture PCBs to support government programs. Since we are not a broker, all of our printed circuit boards are made in one of our three US based facilities (100% U.S.A. Manufacturing) with a broad range of advanced capabilities for high reliability, precision, and powerful PCB performance for critical applications. View our expanded capabilities and certifications.

    Our customer service and reliability is known as the very best in the industry. Combine that with our quick turn capabilities (same day and weekend turns available) and our readiness to manufacture and assemble any size run of PCBs. In addition, our FREE PCB Design Layout Software, and our FREE PCB File Check allows us to be the complete solution in the PCB industry.  

    Supporting Medical, Aerospace, Commercial, and Government Programs

    AdvancedPCB has become well known as an industry leader in printed circuit board manufacturing and Assembly due to our commitment to provide the highest standards in quality, performance, and reliability in every circuit board we manufacture. AdvancedPCB is also one of the few PCB manufacturers in the U.S. that is able to produce printed circuit boards that support government programs.

    Medical IndustryAerospace & DefenseCommercial

    Advanced PCB Manufacturing Capabilities to Meet Your Unique Product Demands and Design Criteria

    • Buried Chip Resistors
    • Blind and Buried Vias
    • Up to 40 layers
    • .00275" Trace/Space
    • Air Pockets between layers
    • Via-in-Pad
    • Cavity Boards
    • ITAR Registered
    • Stacked Microvias
    • Laser Drilled Microvias (HDI)
    • Laser Direct Imaging (LDI)
    • Down to .3mm Pitch
    • Heavy Copper (up to 20 oz.)
    • Multilayer RF Designs (up to 8 layers)
    • Oversized Boards (up to 37" x 120")
    As an AdvancedPCB customer, you can depend on our multiple divisions with broad based technical expertise that has enabled us to fabricate specialized printed circuit boards for all markets. We can manufacture PCB boards with unique product demands to meet your design criteria. Our expanded PCB capabilities range from laser drilled microvias, cavity boards, heavy copper, via-in-pad, and much more.

    New PCB Board Materials!

    These new materials can be utilized for: Integrity Designs requiring miniaturization, Advanced HDI, Stacked Microvias, Antenna and Aerospace, Multilayer Advanced RF and Microwave. Advanced PCB is one of the select few fabricators in the United States certified to offer Integral Technology's Zeta Lam high density interconnect product.
    • Halogen-free UL Certified materials
    • High Speed / Ultra Low Dk & New RF Products
    • Rogers 2929 Bondply
    • 3M ECM (Embedded Capacitance Material) - Click Here for more info
    • Zeta Lam SE - Click Here for more info
    You can trust AdvancedPCB to provide in-depth information on this and many more subjects relating to the manufacture and assembly of printed circuit boards. Find out more about High Performance Materials for Advanced Designs in our Tech Talk for Techies report. It discusses materials that provide greater thermal performance and severe environment reliability. Click Here to see Part 2 of the report.

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