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    AdvancedPCB is a complete solution provider for Global Printed Circuit Board Sourcing, with domestic manufacturing infrastructure and domestic quality inspection, bringing you time to market savings.

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    Volume Production with Offshore Sites

    Once you’ve received and approved the prototype, AdvancedPCB has the ability to offer a more cost-effective solution for your larger production needs. Through AdvancedPCB, we can manage your orders through our offshore partnerships. You’ll continue to work with the same AdvancedPCB sales representative, while we handle complete coordination with the offshore manufacturer, including PCB design transfer, production updates, and quality control. Critical risk mitigation systems are in place for your peace of mind. If there’s a supply chain interruption offshore, we can finish your order at our domestic facilities at the same offshore pricing!

    The Global Process

    Our highly evolved program offers management by PCB Experts, who are dedicated to meeting your specific needs and offer such advantages of:

    • Ease-of-Use
    • Seamless Recipe Transfer
    • Inventory Management
    • Risk Mitigation

    AdvancedPCB’s domestic factories are set up to manufacture 1-piece prototypes at World Class lead times.  AdvancedPCB’s offshore partners are set up to manufacture any large quantity of any technology.

    Prototypes to Large production

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