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Posted 6/15/2020 by AdvancedPCB
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SMT stands for “surface-mount technology,” a process put to use by the top makers of PCBs or printed circuit boards. SMT appears in almost every device imaginable because of the profound benefits it brings.

Designing any sort of device that requires a PCB with SMT means:
  • The device can provide many more functions. SMT drops the total weight of a PCB. It is not as labor-intensive and has little need for drilling and soldering that can cause malfunctions. Smaller devices that work better and cost less are one direct benefit.
  • Automation is easier. Using SMT means leveraging mass production of PCBs, and yet also enjoying higher quality and performance.
  • Reduced costs and production times. Eliminating drilling and the time it takes is another key benefit of SMT.
Unfortunately, not all producers of PCBs can extend SMT to customers utilizing their designing, manufacturing, and assembly processes.

AdvancedPCB Has Surface-Mount Technology

At AdvancedPCB, buyers are able to enjoy the benefits that come from SMT in addition to an astonishing range of free tools and resources that can make even more of surface-mount technology and PCBs.

We are a top name in PCB and prototyping, offering all clients an array of tools essential to top-notch SMT production. While we might offer an umbrella statement or two about SMT, we feel it better to explain how we make it available to buyers. For example, we have SMT Solder Paste Stencils available as part of our options for those who need a one-off or “by-hand” SMT manufacturing and design option.

If you are looking for something more, we also have advanced design tools that enable easy integration of SMT features and designs.

Resources Chosen for SMT

Those familiar with the PCB design process are already well-versed in the issue of Gerber file designs and other PCB design programs. Often, this may mean that the advanced technology is used, but the design left untested. This is especially the case when producers utilize the common no-touch approach. Typical to the outsourced and brokered services, the clients’ designs are accepted and run, without any sort of engineering review. When one is mandatory, it means that the file is reviewed long before fabrication begins and is intended to identify design flaws or potential issues that might lead to delays or wasted resources.

AdvancePCB Offers Resources for SMT Designs and Projects

FreeDFM– This is software designed to perform a complimentary and rapid design assessment. The software is easy to use and guarantees that key data is available; it will even make corrections to some common design issues. It generates a full report and promises great outcomes. It does not matter if a PCB features traditional drilling or SMT; it will emerge an improved and error-free design once reviewed through this software. Those who utilize the program also enjoy a discount if the design is submitted through the software. It can do a full conversion to Gerber format in only a few minutes, provide a quote, extend the discount code, and feature a link to the PDF of the full report.

PCB Artist – Clients enjoy 100% free access to this PCB design software, as well as accessing the unrestricted copy of the software. With the ability to manage up to 28 layers and featuring a library of over 500,000 parts, an auto-router function, multi-page schematics, and surface-mount technology features, it can meet even the most advanced demands. It is recognized as an industry-best PCB design tool.

At AdvancedPCB, we also provide standard and traditional client services to clients, too. What does that mean? All SMT orders have a full CAM engineer review. This guarantees that your design, even if extremely complex, gets a full and expert evaluation and any adjustments needed.

On top of all of this, we also have further benefits for those who decide to team up with our firm for their PCB needs (whether or not SMT is part of the overall design). Our additional benefits include:
  • No minimum orders. There are no minimum lot requirements, meaning that clients are not forced to invest in huge orders with more PCBs than might be needed. Prototyping is an option – even with SMT features.
  • 24-hour support. Customer service around-the-clock features live tech support that allows design teams to speak directly with a CAM engineer at any hour of the day or night.
  • Best shipping record. AdvancedPCB has the BEST ON-TIME SHIPPING RECORD in the industry, and we’re now shipping 50% of orders early! In fact, we say we “put our money where our mouth is . . . and we ship Standard Spec orders on time or they’re FREE!”
  • No tooling charges. When an order features Standard Specifications, we are glad to waive tooling charges and always cancel such fees on reorders of Standard Spec as Custom Spec items.
  • Not a broker. We never sub out our work but instead count on our top-of-the-line, 62,000-square-foot facility that guarantees the kinds of quality and speed most want but cannot always receive.
  • Dedicated client pages. Here you can look through past orders, see the specs and details, look at quotes from other jobs, and even review hold notices, test certifications, and a long list of other helpful reports.
  • We are stable. With more than two decades of work in this industry, a healthy bottom line, and many dedicated clients, we are among the most stable of providers, guaranteed to be around for years after your projects are completed.
We also have an enormous and fully-capable plant that incorporates design, production, assembly, and shipping services all in one space, emphasizing efficiency at every step of the way.

Using SMT makes perfect sense, and yet it can often come at a premium price with lots of costly and risky production requirements or gaps in service. It is imperative that producers have a chance to submit designs for expert review, get feedback and corrections, and get what is needed. Why operate within the “no-touch” system when you can get prototypes, reviews, and free tools for projects of any complexity from AdvancedPCB?
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