Why choose us?

    New ideas and pushing the technology envelope are part of our normal environment. The ability to speak with AdvancedPCB’s engineering team early in the process has saved us a substantial amount of time and money.
    Aptiv PLC
    AdvancedPCB has set a standard for thoroughness, reliability, and open candid communication that sets a standard by which other PCB manufacturers are judged. AdvancedPCB engineering produces thorough DFMs that go through every aspect of a design with thoughtful commentary and suggestions that help us improve our design and avoid future problems, all while demonstrating quick communication and strong character.
    Elbit Systems of America LLC
    The need to beat our competition to market is huge. We finally found a printed circuit board partner that understands our needs and can consistently support the very quick lead times we must have.
    Herrick Technology Laboratories Inc.
    Reliability and quality are a must for our product. I was impressed with the systems AdvancedPCB has in place to assure the quality standards we need; they are a resource that can be counted on to perform consistently.
    Hybrid Design Associates (HDA)
    Systems and operations are critical in manufacturing to produce a reliable product. We have come to trust AdvancedPCB and their systems to predictably execute and deliver our critical projects.
    Lockheed Martin Corp.
    Boeing is looked upon as a leader in technology and reliability. We are proud to partner with AdvancedPCB who share that same vision of being the very best in their field.
    The Boeing Co.
    In our business space, technology is changing all the time. I love working with AdvancedPCB because their technology capabilities support the needs and designs that are critical to our success. Thank you, AdvancedPCB!
    Vexos Electronic Manufacturing Services

    Satisfaction guarantee/quality assurance

    AdvancedPCB maintains a documented printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly Quality Management System designed and implemented to fulfill the requirements of our PCB customers. This system goes beyond quality levels you normally see in the PCB industry regarding regulatory and applicable national and international standards.

    Our multifaceted quality assurance program follows these steps: 

    1. Each of our production-process work instructions provides the acceptance and rejection criteria for each of the 90+ processes used in fabricating your circuit board. In addition, there are “first article” requirements for a number of steps throughout the manufacturing process.
    2. Customer specifications and drawings accompany each order as part of the traveler that accompanies all orders (small-quantity or production PCBs).
    3. IPC Class 2 provides the default in the event that you do not assign a particular requirement.
    4. The final step prior to shipping our boards is a well-defined final inspection. Each of our orders goes through a C=0 random sampling for determining that the holes and dimensions for each part number are within tolerance.
    5. After the order has passed the dimensional check, it is scheduled for an electrical test if you have requested it.
    6. The last step for each order is a 100% visual inspection. Each part is checked for workmanship, quality, cleanliness, and a number of other attributes before the boards are packaged for shipping.
    7. There are other inspection points required throughout the process that we use to verify the acceptability of the panels.

    We work hard to make it right the first time. Here are descriptions of some of our inspections:

    • All inner-layer cores pass through automated optical inspection prior to being laminated into a multi-layer board. We use cross-section analysis to verify plating thickness on the surfaces as well as in the hole walls.
    • Weight-gain coupons; backlight inspections; visual and magnified inspections of trace width and spacing; drill, image, and mask registration; and tooling checks are done on an order-by-order basis.


    We work diligently to maintain an environment of continuous improvement and quality. This philosophy allows us to meet or exceed the standards established by independent organizations, including the ISO, UL, and IPC. Our registration numbers and specific certifications are listed below:

    Quick-turn Availability

    AdvancedPCB offers fast service without compromising quality. All seven of our manufacturing facilities are equipped to build prototype products and turn those products quickly. Your quick-turn, small-quantity boards are built to your specifications so you can meet your testing or design verification requirements. Quick Turn Availability (QTA) includes all technologies, including:

    • Rigid through-hole
    • HDI, blind/buried/stacked vias
    • Flex / rigid flex
    Quick Turn Availability Lead Times Table

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